About Me

Howdy! If you’ve come to this page, it means I haven’t quite scared you off yet; I’ll do my best in the paragraphs to come.

My name is John, though I usually go by Toolbox Motley online. The name stems from my tendency to carry a huge assortment of items with me at all times, just in case I need them. I hate to be caught unprepared, and that applies to video games as much as it does to real life.

As such, I’m constantly researching the games I play in order to make sure nothing can catch me off-guard. Part of that involves choosing the right character or equipment for every task. I tend towards characters with a versatile array of abilities, but I find that learning all of my available options will often turn up some unexpected gems that are much more effective than they appear at first glance.

Very often, I’ve found hidden synergies that other players don’t seem to notice, and create builds that are far more effective than they have any right to be. One of my proudest accomplishments is an all-in-one build for Champions Online that can switch between tank, healer, and DPS on the fly, outperforming most builds that are wholly dedicated to just one of those roles.

Another is my Defense Sacrier build for Dofus (now nerfed to extinction, sadly) that was able to survive onslaughts from the roughest monsters and entire enemy teams in player-versus-player while still easily keeping up with others’ damage output. The endeavor even got me messaged in-game by people who’d heard about the build and wanted to try it for themselves, which put quite a large smile on my face.

On this website, I’ll be compiling the information I gather, including the more obscure tricks I figure out during experimentation. If you’ve ever gone searching for deeper, more applicable knowledge than what the Wikis provide, this is hopefully where you’ll find it. And if you ever figure out a trick that I haven’t written about, let me know with a comment on the page! I love learning all I can about a character’s potential in every game I play, and I hope this website can be a compendium for such knowledge.