How to Beat Protea in Warframe

The final mission in The Deadlock Protocol quest chain pits you up against a Specter of the Protea Warframe. While this fight isn’t terribly difficult, it can be a tad confusing at first, deviating from the usual gameplay loop of “bash it ’til it’s dead”. I’ll go step by step through this fight to help you clear it, but in a nutshell, how you beat Protea is:

Detonate the Xoris glaive near three Errant Specters total, two times each. Once the Xoris is charged, attack Protea to bring her health to zero, and then detonate the Xoris near her when she begins leaving afterimages in her wake. Perform this sequence four times to win the fight.


Your loadout isn’t hugely important for this mission, thankfully; most gear will work just fine. You’ll need the Xoris, of course, as the mission won’t even launch unless it’s equipped. However, you don’t need to mod the Xoris at all, since the mid-flight detonation will kill Errant Specters in the boss fight area automatically. Errant Specters in the rest of the ship aren’t affected in this way, but you can largely ignore them and just make your way to each objective.

None of the enemies deal all that much damage, including Protea herself, so you don’t need to worry much about what Warframe you bring. Some form of healing might help so that enemies don’t effectively nickel-and-dime you to death, but other than that, survival is pretty straightforward. Bring whoever you like.

The Protea Specter itself seems to have some form of damage gate to keep it from being one-shot-killed; I took an unmodded Buzlok for testing, and a heavily-modded Catchmoon Pistol that usually hits in the tens of thousands for each projectile. The Buzlok did around 40 per shot, while the Catchmoon did 327 maximum.

Given this info, I recommend taking a rapid-fire weapon with a focus on Multishot. Buzlok is a good choice, if you’re in a Clan with a Chem Lab developed enough to acquire the weapon. If not, any rapid-fire weapon should do the trick; just bear in mind that Protea can get a bit wiggly, with a slim hitbox and lots of hopping around making it annoying to land your shots, hence why Buzlok’s homing bullets are a blessing.

From what I could tell, Protea has about 500 shields, and 2000 health. These are very rough estimates, mind you; I’m sure the real values are a bit different, but these amounts give a general idea of how much damage you’ll need to deal. Also bear in mind that you’ll need to clear this amount of health multiple times, since she’ll heal back up a set amount for each phase of the fight. Thankfully, the max health drops by 25% each time you clear a phase, so it gets easier as you go.

Starting the Fight

I’ll assume you’ve made it through the rest of the quest chain, and already know how to access the Tribute golden hand statues. Once you’ve meandered through the mission to the point where you’ve entered the boss fight arena, you need to run forward until you see one of the captured rig jockeys in order to trigger the next bit of dialogue.

Beating Protea

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