Is Gara a Good Warframe?


Gara has a few potent and versatile abilities that give her remarkable flexibility, allowing her to easily handle many common situations. However, her generalized nature means that she is rarely the “best” Warframe for a chosen task, losing out to more specialized Warframes.

Furthermore, some of her strengths are less intuitive than on other, more straightforward Warframes. For example, Mass Vitrify can be used to deal high damage over a very large area, but lacks the single-button-simplicity of Volt or Banshee. Instead, Gara must perform many actions before the damage is dealt; cast Mass Vitrify, halt it when the wall has reached an optimal distance, then hit the wall with Shattered Lash. This also requires building your melee weapon specifically for the task, whereas simpler Warframes only need a few mods on the Warframe itself.

As for what “optimal distance” means, that’s where the ability becomes even more complicated. Enemies inside the ring won’t be damaged (though they will be vitrified, which makes them take more damage from other sources). Enemies that aren’t at the same elevation as the glass won’t be affected, either. Since Mass Vitrify starts off at about Warframe height before extending downwards, you need to juggle between extending the ring too far to damage enemies, and missing enemies at lower elevations because the ring didn’t have enough time to sink down. The tactic is powerful, but quite awkward to use.

Gara has a second method for dealing area damage, as well. Splinter Storm will deal constant damage to enemies in her vicinity, and the damage dealt can be increased by shattering Mass Vitrify while standing outside of the glass wall. This damage can stack infinitely, making the combo scale extremely well with content and mission duration. However, if Splinter Storm runs out of duration, it completely resets the damage counter, which can be incredibly frustrating if you’ve been stacking higher and higher for the past fifteen minutes.

Both methods require quite a lot of energy since they depend on casting Mass Vitrify and Shattered Lash regularly. Adding ability duration to your build can help with energy management in the Splinter Storm approach, but it can be hard to find room with all of the ability range mods you’ll also need to make these offensive setups work. It’d be good to have enough ability strength to reach 90% damage reduction on Splinter Storm, as well, which can be difficult to do with the strength penalty on Overextended.

On the less complicated side of things, Gara is an amazing option for protection-based objectives. Mass Vitrify creates a wall that enemies can’t move or shoot through, but allies have no such limitations. On top of that, Mass Vitrify freezes all enemies it passes through during its creation, making it a great crowd control tool in addition to its simple obstacle capabilities. And on top of all that, Gara ALSO has Splinter Storm, which provides up to 90% (50% for stationary Defense objectives) damage reduction to whatever allied entity is targeted.

Finally, there’s Spectrorage. This ability tends to get a bad rap, and perhaps at its core, this is deserved. It’s not necessarily a bad ability, but it’s kinda more of the same; a third move with the purpose of preventing damage to your target, in this case by distracting enemies into shooting the mirrors instead of something more important. It’s simply redundant when you consider the presence of Mass Vitrify and Splinter Storm, each of which fill similar roles in an arguably more reliable manner.

However, if you can fit it into your mod slots, the Spectrosiphon augment can give Spectrorage a nice quirk to set it apart from Mass Vitrify and Splinter Storm. With high ability range, it’s easy to take out large quantities of enemies inside the ring to drop loads of energy orbs. With how much energy Gara uses for nuking, energy management is crucial. There are other ways to make sure you’re topped off, but using Spectrosiphon under the right circumstances will guarantee that you have energy orbs to spare. And all those orbs are sure to make your teammates happy, too.

Special Mission Types

Is Gara a Good Warframe for Elite Sanctuary Onslaught?

Potentially yes; when using a Mass Vitrify shattering build, Gara can keep up with other top nukers. However, she will have to work much harder and smarter for this result than most. The awkward area of effect from Mass Vitrify forces Gara to use obscure casting locations to succeed.

Unlike other Warframes, it’s usually best not to cast from the center of the map. There’s a high likelihood that large groups of enemies will end up inside Mass Vitrify’s circle, keeping them safe from the outward shatter. And if the map has multiple elevations, you can’t just halt Mass Vitrify right away to keep the ring small, as it won’t extend downwards enough to hit every floor.

Instead, it’s best to find decently high locations around the edge of the map, and try to halt Mass Vitrify just before it reaches the majority of the enemy swarm. Enemy Radar helps a lot with this, if you can get by without Corrosive Projection.

With the unorthodox positioning required to make Mass Vitrify work as a nuke ability, Elite Sanctuary Onslaught’s once-per-ten-seconds limit on 4th abilities becomes a good deal more daunting. It’s easy to mess up your casting location and catch hardly anything in the explosion, resulting in a valuable ten seconds wasted. No pressure!

Another huge problem for Gara in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught is Nullifiers. While these enemies are the bane of any nuke Warframe’s existence, Gara is hit particularly hard; Mass Vitrify is a huge structure, and if a segment happens to lightly tap a Nullifier bubble, you can’t hit anything behind or around the Nullifier, either. Their bubbles also quickly chomp through Spectrorage.

Nullifiers eating Spectrorage may not sound like much of a loss, but when using the Spectrosiphon ability augment, it can be a huge asset. Energy is hard to come by in Sanctuary Onslaught, where your Energy Restore gear items are locked away from you and there always seems to be an energy leech Eximus creeping around somewhere. With Spectrosiphon, however, you can get a dozen or more energy orbs littering the ground in a matter of seconds. If you’ve put together a premade squad with a Trinity to fill your energy bar to bursting, you don’t need to use the mod slot on Spectrosiphon, but if you’re using public matchmaking (or trying to solo the mission for whatever reason), it’s tremendously helpful.

Between the bizarre positioning, Nullifiers, and heavily armored Grineer, it’s likely you won’t one-shot the map with every cast. I highly recommend using Splinter Storm as a supplemental mini-nuke ability to keep Simaris’ bloodlust sated. It’s only a little bit of extra complexity tacked onto the weird dance you’re already having to perform; cast Splinter Storm at the start of each round (after Spectrorage if you’ve brought Spectrosiphon along), and make sure to shatter Mass Vitrify from outside the ring instead of inside. After a couple shatters, you’ll be able to shred any enemy you come marginally close to, keeping your Efficiency capped out between casts of Mass Vitrify.

Overall, Gara can be more effective than even some of the common meta picks for Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, but doing this requires exceptional effort and gear to pull off.

Is Gara a Good Warframe for The Index?

Not really; though Mass Vitrify is decently effective for keeping enemies from their goal, Gara has little else to help her in this game mode. Splinter Storm doesn’t offer enough protection to reliably offset the Financial Stress debuff, and weapons will typically outperform Shattered Lash.

Even with 220% ability strength and the best melee mod setup possible (aside from the inevitable sub-maximum roll on the Riven), I was unable to deal enough damage with Gara’s Mass Vitrify nuke to take out the enemy team. And with how much energy it cost to perform, there was no spamming it to offset the inadequate damage.

You could potentially focus on building Splinter Storm instead and just running into enemies, but a well built weapon can one-shot them anyway, making the infinite scalability unnecessary. Furthermore, while Splinter Storm’s 90% damage reduction is impressive in most content, the Financial Stress debuff will reduce your health and shields by up to 90% itself, effectively negating Splinter Storm’s benefit and making Gara fight as a “normal Warframe” against the brokers.

Mass Vitrify is really Gara’s only meaningful contribution to The Index, being used to deny your opponents access to their goal. Since running out to carry points and score goals is a bad idea anyway with Gara’s relative fragility, you’re best suited to stay at the goal and taking out any opponents trying to move in for a score. Might be useful for the Nightwave objective of winning three rounds of Index with enemies scoring, but aside from that, Gara’s just not a great choice for The Index.

Overall, Gara can play a defensive role very well, but it’s rare that such a thing is needed to begin with.

Is Gara a Good Warframe for Eidolon Hunts?

No; while Splinter Storm can be a decent method of protecting Eidolon Lures, there are far more effective choices available. Beyond that, Gara has nothing else to contribute to Eidolon hunting, as Warframe abilities do not affect the Eidolon itself.

With the Mending Splinters augment, Splinter Storm can become a bit better at protecting Eidolon Lures. Though three health per second may sound trivial, the 90% damage reduction means that it gains 30 effective health per second, instead. This healing rate is affected by ability strength, as well, allowing you to take the effective health per second up to around 75 per second if you max out your ability strength, or even higher if allies contribute using the Power Donation aura.

All that said, the same end result can be accomplished with an unmodded Trinity casting Blessing periodically, and without the danger of her healing being outpaced by the Eidolon’s damage. Unfortunately, Gara just doesn’t have the means to be an optimal part of an Eidolon team.

One hope I had for Gara was using Mass Vitrify to prevent the Eidolon from healing during its final scream phase, but I was unable to get results in my testing. Despite not seeing any Vomvalysts making it to the Eidolon, it emerged with full health after its tantrum was completed.

Overall, Gara is a poor choice for Eidolon hunts, outclassed in support and unable to help in other ways.

Core Mission Types

Is Gara a Good Warframe for Defense?

Very; with Mass Vitrify and Spectrorage, it’s highly unlikely that enemies will even get a hit on the objective, and Splinter Storm ensures that those rare hits will be negligible. With the right build, Mass Vitrify can also be used to nuke the area and clear each wave quickly.

Unlike with Sanctuary Onslaught, enemies in Defense missions tend to only spawn around the edges of the map. This makes Mass Vitrify much easier to use as a nuke ability, since you usually won’t have to avoid catching enemies inside of the circle while you grow the wall’s height.

If you aren’t going to nuke with Gara for whatever reason (already have a nuker in the squad, don’t have a good melee weapon to fuel it, simply don’t enjoy nuking, etc.), she still has a lot of value as a safety net.

Mass Vitrify’s walls are an obvious asset for preventing enemies from reaching the objective, but the crowd control component of the power is also very useful. If and when enemies break through the glass, recasting the ability will both refresh the wall and freeze those enemies that made it through, on top of making them take extra damage for good measure.

If you can’t attend to the objective the entire time, refreshing Mass Vitrify as soon as enemies break through, then Splinter Storm is there as another line of defense. Unfortunately, Splinter Storm will only provide 50% damage reduction to stationary Defense objectives instead of the full 90% that mobile entities can receive, but that’s still quite potent.

Furthermore, if you build the damage of Splinter Storm by shattering some Mass Vitrify walls with the objective outside of the circle, you can ensure that melee enemies are shredded immediately upon getting within range to attack. This can be a decently quick method for clearing melee-heavy Infested Defense missions when paired with a Speed Nova if you so choose, though bear in mind that nuking with Mass Vitrify would be substantially faster if you can build for it.

In missions with Operative NPCs as the Defense objective, such as Sorties, Gara is still very effective, though you might need to change tactics just a tad if you’re not going to use a nuke build. Instead of centering a Mass Vitrify wall on the Operative right away, you can lead them into a side room before casting to set up what my friends and I like to call the “playpen.” This will keep the Operative contained and out of trouble while you and your allies handle incoming enemies, as they can’t pass through the wall.

As a warning, the Operative can still climb walls, so you’ll have to initiate the cast from a high position. Or, if the map allows for it, you can try to get the wall directly in a doorway, though the Operative may simply glitch their way into climbing it anyway. I recommend just making high walls to be safe. After catching the Operative in a side room, you could even make a new wall that keeps them caught in the room with the outside of the wall, while the other side of the circle keeps enemies at bay, providing a double layer of defense.

If you don’t use the playpen method with Mass Vitrify, you’ll want to throw Splinter Storm on the Operative. Unlike stationary objectives, the Operative will receive the full 90% damage reduction, making them far more durable. If you shatter some Mass Vitrifies around the Operative, you can even build their Splinter Storm damage to make them into a wandering blender that prevents melee enemies from having a chance to wail on them.

Overall, Gara is a fantastic Warframe for both primary components of Defense missions – nuking and protection – and can rather easily perform both roles at the same time if so desired.

Is Gara a Good Warframe for Disruption?

Yes; Splinter Storm can both ensure your survival in later rounds, and clear enemies quickly to drop keys. Mass Vitrify can also be used to clear enemies with the right build, and act as a brief roadblock for Demolishers. Finally, Spectrorage can completely stop a Demolisher in their tracks.

Gara can quickly clear regular enemies to get keys with either the Mass Vitrify nuke or a built-up Splinter Storm. If you take the Splinter Storm route, you’ll need to be careful; since Demolishers emit a nullifying pulse every five seconds, getting near one can remove all of the damage you’ve built up in your Splinter Storm. Thankfully, if you’re taking them out with a ranged weapon, you can avoid the pulse fairly easily. And if your melee weapon is your best source of damage, you can net similar results to a powerful Splinter Storm by just attacking everything in melee, allowing you to only worry about keeping Splinter Storm active for the damage reduction rather than the kill potential.

Unfortunately, a high-damage Splinter Storm won’t be useful for taking out the Demolishers themselves; they take massively reduced damage from Warframe abilities, so you’ll almost certainly need some good weaponry to deal with them unless you’re unreasonably patient, either building a Splinter Storm to ridiculous levels or just waiting out the Demolisher timer rather than going for the kill. On the plus side, Gara is pretty good at keeping the Demolisher locked down.

If you want, you can get as much as five seconds of extra time with a Mass Vitrify wall, or even ten seconds if you know the direction they’re coming from and force them to go through both sides! …Yeah, it’s underwhelming. And five/ten seconds is the high end; if they emit their nullifying pulse right as they get in range of the wall, they’ll run straight through without stopping at all. The freezing element of the power has no effect on Demolishers, either. So, Mass Vitrify isn’t a great option.

However… A hero emerges where you least expect it. Spectrorage, perpetually underrated, is a fantastic way to lock down a Demolisher, provided you’re using a build with high ability range. With my build using 265% ability range (Overextended, Stretch, and Augur Reach), the Demolisher’s nullifying pulse hardly makes a dent in the circling mirrors.

If none of the mirrors are shot out by other enemies, the Demolisher has to pulse three times at the very edge of the ring to bring Spectrorage down. And usually, they stand further towards the center, making their pulses only hit a couple mirrors at a time. They can easily be kept inside of the ring for the entire duration of the ability, once again assuming you’re using a high-range build.

Overall, Gara takes some extra effort to use in Disruption, but has effective tools for every aspect of the mission type.

Is Gara a Good Warframe for Excavation?

Yes; Gara can effectively double the health of every Excavator via Splinter Storm, while Mass Vitrify can keep enemies away from one Excavator at a time, or multiple close to each other with enough ability range. Spectrorage can also draw enemy fire, though this is typically overkill.

Like other stationary defense objectives, Excavators are capped at 50% damage reduction from Splinter Storm, so you won’t be able to depend on that ability alone to keep everything protected. But, it can at least provide some extra time to react to incoming assaults. Unfortunately, despite Splinter Storm dealing a small amount of Impact damage, it will not trigger Impact’s stagger status effect, meaning that the 50% damage reduction is the only defensive benefit you’ll be getting.

The damage from Splinter Storm can take out melee enemies at lower levels, but the Excavators are rarely in any real danger against enemies that would die to that, so it’s of little benefit.

Mass Vitrify is the main ability you’ll be using to protect Excavators; between the physical barrier, the freeze effect, and the potential damage output from shattering the walls, you’ve got multiple options for how to defend. Catching some enemies with the freeze effect will make the wall much more durable, so you might sometimes want to let a few enemies get close before you cast. Splinter Storm will keep things from getting out of hand.

Nuking via Mass Vitrify is certainly a proactive way to keep the Excavators safe, but is generally more energy than it’s worth. By focusing on keeping enemies out with the walls themselves, you barely have to get involved, just bringing enough fuel cells to power the Excavator fully and recasting Mass Vitrify if any enemies manage to break through.

Finally, though it’s unlikely that you’ll need it, Spectrorage can distract enemies away from Excavators. Against Infested, this can be quite helpful to plop down right on top of an Excavator, since the high ratio of melee and low-range enemies ensures that they’ll be entering the ring to try to get a shot.

Spectrorage is a bit less reliable for Grineer due to their ranged weaponry, but it’ll still work fine for Excavators that land in areas with a lot of obstacles that force Grineer to get closer to obtain line of sight.

Corpus, unfortunately, tend to blow the ring apart with their frustratingly frequent Nullifier bubbles. To be fair, however, those bubbles are an issue with Mass Vitrify as well. Splinter Storm’s damage reduction and proactive enemy elimination will be the main methods used to clear Corpus Excavation missions.

Overall, Gara is loaded with abilities that make her fantastic for Excavation, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more suitable Warframe for the game mode.

Is Gara a Good Warframe for Exterminate?

Only somewhat; the Mass Vitrify nuke build allows Gara to clear areas quickly, but its awkward area of effect and multi-step process make it take a while. A stacked Splinter Storm can also work, but requires getting close to enemies, increasing mission length due to travel time.

Another large problem with the Mass Vitrify nuke in Exterminate is how much energy you’ll be using. Though it has a similar cost to other nuke powers, the fact that nearby enemies won’t take damage means that you can’t head for the center of a group to maximize the destruction. You instead have to cast the ability on the edge of enemy groups, resulting in far fewer kills per cast of the ability relative to other Warframes’ nuke powers.

Unfortunately, even the hidden gem that is the Spectrosiphon augment isn’t likely to help with energy much here. Enemies are often more spread out in Exterminate than in missions like Sanctuary Onslaught or Survival, making it difficult to get enough enemies in the Spectrorage ring to offset its casting cost.

Stacking Splinter Storm might be a cheaper option depending on your ability duration. However, with its limited range, it takes longer to clear areas than Mass Vitrify does. Ultimately, it comes down to your energy generation which method you should use; if you can’t fuel Mass Vitrify consistently, Splinter Storm is probably the way to go.

Though Gara is generally a slower option for Exterminate missions, she can excel in Steel Path Exterminates specifically. While other nuke Warframes may find their abilities to be inadequate for the higher-level enemies that Steel Path throws at you, Splinter Storm can be built up until it’s able to one-shot them. Granted, this is only realistically possible in Infestation and Corpus missions, as Grineer have far, far too much armor for Splinter Storm to wipe them out on its own, even with a Corrosive Projection aura.

Overall, Gara isn’t a great pick for Exterminate unless your other nuke Warframes (if any) can’t handle the enemies, but she’s certainly not the worst.

Is Gara a Good Warframe for Interception?

Yes; Mass Vitrify, positioned properly, can keep enemies from approaching a single capture point’s consoles, allowing you to defend a second point at the same time. Spectrorage can distract enemies from heading for the capture point, but should not be placed on the capture point itself.

It’s technically possible to cover multiple capture points with one Mass Vitrify, but this requires a huge ability range and is highly dependent on the map’s layout. Be watchful on vertically-stacked maps like with the Corpus Ship tileset, because even though you may be able to cover two (or even three) points with your Mass Vitrify walls, enemies may end up spawning in rooms that reside within the circle. From there, they can reach a capture point’s consoles without ever running into the glass at all. Outside of a few rare instances, it’s best to just focus on one capture point with your Mass Vitrify, and defend another proactively.

Unfortunately, even though Spectrorage seems like it’d be a perfect fit for Interception, it seems that enemies will sometimes just decide they’re going to beeline for the console. From what I can tell, however, they’ll only make that decision if they’re already somewhat close to the console to begin with. Thus, you are able to at least lock down one spawn location or choke point with Spectrorage, provided it’s far enough away from a capture point that the consoles won’t sing their siren call to whoever’s distracted by the pretty mirrors.

If an enemy begins to hack a console, Shattered Lash can be used to knock them off of it. Tap and hold versions both work, and the ability can even hit through walls and obstacles, if you have enough ability range for such line-of-sight blockers to be a factor.

Overall, Gara can reliably defend one capture point and one chokepoint without her physical presence, making her better than most choices for Interception.

Is Gara a Good Warframe for Mobile Defense?

Yes; Mass Vitrify keeps enemies away, Spectrorage distracts any enemies that manage to get through, and Splinter Storm provides 50% damage reduction to the objective in case anything gets through the other two layers of defense. Gara’s passive can stun enemies as well, though unreliably.

Because Mobile Defense is all about defending a single point for a set amount of time, without any kill requirements, you shouldn’t need much energy beyond what’s used right at the beginning for Mass Vitrify. For most missions, that will be all you need. At worst, if a segment is broken and enemies get through, you just need to cast Mass Vitrify once more, creating a new wall that is bolstered by the health and armor of the enemies that your glass passed over.

If Mass Vitrify can’t handle the situation alone, you can plant a Spectrorage just inside the wall so that invading enemies are instantly distracted from the defense objective. Alternatively, you can place the Spectrorage outside of the wall to deter enemies from breaking through.

When you’re up against exceptionally powerful enemies like in Steel Path, the base health of Mass Vitrify likely won’t be enough to withstand the assault. In this situation, I like to use Spectrorage to get enemies close to the objective without actually putting it in danger, and then send a Mass Vitrify wall through the group to give it a huge health buff that is typically able to last for the remaining defense time.

If you’re concerned that the enemy’s damage output might be high enough to destroy the objective during the time it takes to make a new Mass Vitrify wall, you can target it with Splinter Storm to give it up to 50% damage reduction. While it’s not nearly as impressive as the 90% you and your allies can receive from the ability, it will still double the objective’s effective health, which may be enough to keep it alive at dangerous mission levels.

In the unlikely event that all of your defenses have failed (or an ally just started the defense way too early) and enemies are on the verge of destroying the objective, you can use Shattered Lash to knock enemies down and away. This can give you time to lay down a Spectrorage or Mass Vitrify. Be aware that the time it takes for an enemy to get back up and start shooting is just slightly lower than the time it takes for Mass Vitrify to freeze them, so if it’s a truly desperate situation, you’ll want to knock them over again to be safe.

Always keep an eye out for Nullifiers, as they will shatter your Mass Vitrify segments immediately. Spectrorage can last for a little longer against them, but each individual mirror that touches their bubble will be destroyed, and when half of all mirrors are gone, the entire ring goes away. Keeping Splinter Storm on the objective may be more important in Corpus or Corrupted missions than in others, as the Nullifier has to get right on top of the objective to remove the damage reduction.

Overall, Gara is probably the second-best Warframe for Mobile Defense, falling only behind Limbo. And even then, she has the advantage of being a bit less vulnerable to Nullifiers, which could put her ahead in missions where that’s relevant.

Is Gara a Good Warframe for Rescue?

Yes; Mass Vitrify’s freeze component will take full effect on Wardens, and Splinter Storm can be used to give the hostage far more durability. Shattered Lash can knock Wardens off of their consoles, and Gara’s passive can open Wardens up to melee finishers if they’ve already been alerted.

With a high-range build, Mass Vitrify can often cover all three Wardens, allowing them to be easily picked off. They aren’t alerted by the ability, either, so unless they’re already on the lookout, you can quickly hit all of them with stealth finishers for the Killed All Wardens bonus. Or, you can simply use the freeze duration to get in and rescue the hostage without having to worry about the timer being started.

If you notice a Warden heading for a console, you can use Shattered Lash to knock them away from it and buy you time to handle the situation however you wish. They trigger the execution sequence very quickly, so if they’re already at the console, just tap the Shattered Lash button; you don’t have time to wait for the swing variant of the ability.

Spectrorage can… Sometimes distract Wardens from heading for the console. It’s not entirely reliable; sometimes, as soon as the mirrors appear, the Warden will immediately start using the console. From my testing, it seems that this only happens if the Warden is already very close to the console, so you should be safe to use it on one that’s wandering about on the outskirts of the prison block. That said, Mass Vitrify is simply more reliable, so I’d opt for that whenever possible.

Wardens take massive damage from melee finishers, and are much harder to kill in any other fashion. Thankfully, even when alerted, Gara’s passive can cause the finisher prompt to appear. Find some bright light near the Warden to stand in, and they’ll hopefully begin to stagger and hold their eyes; this is the indicator that they’re open to a finisher. The ability is random, so it may not happen right away, but the chance is high enough that you shouldn’t have to wait long. You may need to use one of your many methods of keeping Wardens in place to give the passive enough time to trigger.

Overall, Gara has many methods of handling the Wardens, and Splinter Storm provides great protection to the Rescue target itself.

Is Gara a Good Warframe for Sabotage?

Not really; though Gara is very effective for the defense-oriented paths of Sabotage missions, such paths are inefficient and shouldn’t be used, anyway. Gara otherwise has no abilities that help in traversing coolant rooms or reaching the reactor room more quickly.

If, for some reason, you specifically want to use the defense paths (coolant cell into fuel slot or fuel cell into coolant slot), then Gara is one of the best options available. The variable size of Mass Vitrify lets you defend all four core pipes (though only one needs to survive), and Splinter Storm can be applied to them for damage reduction as well. Spectrorage can distract enemies as well if you really need the extra defense, and even Gara’s passive will help by preventing enemies from attacking for a period of time.

If you’re playing Sabotage to find the resource caches, Gara’s Splinter Storm can break containers and speed up your search a tad. With its relatively small range, however, you’ll still need to enter every room to investigate, so it’s a very small advantage.

Overall, Gara is only helpful for Sabotage in specific and easily avoidable scenarios.

Is Gara a Good Warframe for Spy?

Somewhat; though Gara lacks stealth or a way to get past laser barriers, Mass Vitrify can be used to nuke Corpus cameras, and to freeze Grineer camera drones so that you can destroy or bypass them without triggering the alarms.

When using Mass Vitrify to freeze Grineer camera drones, you don’t get a timer showing the time remaining on the effect. Therefore, it would be wise to memorize your build’s freeze duration and try to locate another timer on your UI to compare against, such as the remaining time on Splinter Storm or a Zenurik energy dash.

When a camera drone is frozen by Mass Vitrify, their camera beam will remain visible. However, they are indeed inactive, and you can pass through them without setting off the alarms. You can also safely deal damage to the drones while they’re frozen, and so long as you stop and get out of sight before the effect wears off, the damaged drone still won’t trigger the alarms.

Bear in mind that Mass Vitrify won’t affect anything at a higher elevation than Gara herself, so Grineer tower vaults are likely to be more difficult. The same goes for Corpus vaults, where security cameras are always mounted on the ceiling. If you jump as high as possible and aim-glide as you cast Mass Vitrify, you should be able to hit Corpus cameras when you use Shattered Lash on the wall, but watch for the damage and affinity indicators when you do in order to make sure that they’ve been destroyed. It may take a few runs to memorize where the cameras spawn so that you can watch for their destruction.

Back on the subject of Grineer tower vaults… If you can’t reach the camera drones with Mass Vitrify, Spectrorage can be used to lock them up on their patrol path. Be aware that they are still active during this time, unlike with Mass Vitrify, and their erratic spinning will make it very risky to go near them. Only use the Spectrorage approach if you have a side path that you intend to use, and you just want to ensure that the drone won’t go wandering in that direction while you’re there.

Overall, Gara has some decently useful abilities for Spy, but there are many Warframes that are better suited to the mission type.

Is Gara a Good Warframe for Survival?

Yes; Splinter Storm is effective for staying alive into later rounds, and with maintenance, its damage can scale into higher levels as well. Mass Vitrify nuking can be used to get life support capsules quickly in low- to mid-level Survival missions. Gara also easily defends capsules in Kuva Survival.

If you decide to stay in a Survival mission for an extended period of time, building up Splinter Storm as you go, take great care not to run into any Nullifier bubbles or fall into any pits. This will instantly remove Splinter Storm and all of the damage you’ve built up, which can completely stop the flow of life support if it’s your primary damage source. It can be extremely difficult if not impossible to recover from this, depending on how long you’ve been in the mission.

Mass Vitrify can be an excellent nuke power for getting life support to drop, but its range can also become a detriment if you let the ring spread too far away from you. Having to run into other rooms to pick up life support will disrupt enemy spawn behavior, putting them in farther rooms so as to not spawn in line-of-sight and thus making them take longer to reach you and your team. If you can find a room with only one floor to do most of your fighting in, that is ideal, as you can get by with quick taps of Mass Vitrify rather than needing to let it extend downwards.

Splinter Storm and Spectrorage are both very useful in Kuva Survival missions, where you need to defend the life support towers against enemies. Remembering to cast Splinter Storm on the tower is remarkably difficult for me, for some reason, but your results may vary. Mass Vitrify can also come into play for defending the towers; for me, the nukes were only effective up to round 5 of a Kuva Fissure Survival mission, so it’s entirely possible that defense will become Mass Vitrify’s main role as the mission scales higher.

Overall, Gara can be more effective than most Warframes in Survival missions, but it takes a good deal more effort for this result, and you’ll be in a precarious position at higher levels where one brief mistake can end your Splinter Storm and, subsequently, the Survival run.

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