Is Limbo a Good Warframe?


Limbo is suited to a safe and defensive playstyle, able to make himself and others effectively invincible and lock down large sections of a map. With certain builds, he can also destroy loot containers over a massive area, making him a great choice for farming resources, Ayatan Sculptures, and Resource Caches.

Limbo’s mechanics are quite unique, making his effectiveness vary somewhat wildly between game modes. For most basic content, he’s got some tricks up his dapper sleeves to make the mission a cakewalk. However, when the goal is speedy mass carnage against even just slightly durable enemies, he falls far behind other Warframes.

The safety of the Rift Plane means that Limbo is a very good choice for content that you haven’t yet experienced, as you can watch everything that’s happening without being in danger, thus giving you time to learn any relevant mechanics for the content without also having to bounce around in an effort to stay alive.

Of course, these overviews may not be entirely helpful given the wide variety of content in Warframe. Below, I’ll address Limbo’s effectiveness in specific missions so that you can be sure you’re bringing the right tool for the job.

Special Mission Types

Is Limbo a Good Warframe for Elite Sanctuary Onslaught?

No; given Limbo’s lack of offense-oriented abilities, he is a very poor choice for Sanctuary Onslaught, Elite or otherwise. Despite Cataclysm’s huge area of effect, the damage is far too low to handle the high-level enemies present in this mode. An obscure Limbo build exists that uses Rift Surge repeatedly to deal damage in an area, but other Warframes can still generally do more damage, and Cephalon Simaris will lock Rift Surge for a while if you use it too often, further reducing the effectiveness of the Rift Surge build.

One benefit Limbo does bring to Elite Sanctuary Onslaught is the Rift’s energy generation. Since the Rift gives 2 energy per second to players inside of it, it can help to fuel their abilities. However, I still wouldn’t recommend this, at least in public matchmaking; though abilities can damage enemies through the Rift, you’re otherwise likely to make it more difficult for your allies to deal damage. This is particularly disrupting for Saryn, whose Toxic Lash is dependent upon dealing damage to enemies with her weapons in order to spread her Spores. Given her prevalence in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, this can be a huge detriment.

Overall, I’d heavily advise using a different Warframe in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught.

Is Limbo a Good Warframe for The Index?

Somewhat; though he’s not a meta pick, Limbo has some helpful tools for taking on The Index. Cataclysm and Stasis paired together can make him into an exceptional “goalie”, preventing enemies from scoring. In a team of experienced players, this probably isn’t necessary, but it could be helpful in public matchmaking where you don’t know who you’re going to play with, or in a team of newer players that you’re introducing to the game.

Outside of goalie duty, Limbo can use his Rift to stay safe between kills, popping out only to blast an enemy and grab their Index Point before zipping right back into the Rift to prevent retaliation. This can be especially effective with the Rolling Guard mod, giving Limbo a period of invincibility upon dodging that he can use to launch his attack without being vulnerable like he usually would be. Another option is to use the Operator to deal damage instead, making Limbo a simple vehicle for Index Point storage.

Because of the constant energy drain from holding Index Points, it’s difficult to perform goalie duty on top of scoring, so you’ll likely have to choose one role or the other. Thankfully, it’s decently easy to perform either role using the same build, so you could go into a public match and change your tactics to suit the needs of your team; defense if the team struggles, and offense if the team has things handled.

Overall, Limbo is viable for The Index, and can switch between an offensive or defensive role on-the-fly, but there are generally better choices, especially with an experienced team.

Is Limbo a Good Warframe for Eidolon Hunts?

Somewhat; Limbo is not a meta pick for Eidolons, but he can fill a supportive role in a less-experienced team. Using Banish on Eidolon Lures can protect them from most attacks, and is especially effective when using the Rift Haven mod to restore any health they might have lost to Rift-ignoring attacks or oversight. Just be careful not to hit allies with the ability if you’re in a Synovia phase; though the ally can roll to leave the Rift, it could throw off their shot.

Allies will also benefit from the Rift, provided you time it properly. If you throw down a Cataclysm right after a Synovia is destroyed, allies can hide inside of it to avoid the Eidolon’s scream attack. You could also use Banish on them, which costs less energy, but can be harder to do since you have to find the ally first. Banish is my method of choice, as I can also get the Eidolon Lures during this phase, and allies can leave the Rift right where they’re standing instead of having to run out of the Cataclysm bubble. That said, you may have to endure some complaints if you do this in public matchmaking; a lot of people are unreasonably averse to being Banished, and may insist that you stop. Very, very harshly.

One function that I thought Limbo would have is to use Cataclysm and Stasis to prevent Vomvalysts from healing the Eidolon after all of its Synovia were destroyed… However, in my experience, this does not work; enough Vomvalysts will get through that the Eidolon will likely still reach maximum health. It’s best to keep the shot clear for your allies, and just make sure that the lures are freshly Banished.

Overall, Limbo is an effective support Warframe for Eidolon hunts, keeping allies and lures from taking unnecessary damage and losing energy to the Eidolon’s screams, but there are other frames that can fill the same role on top of providing extra benefits to allies.

Core Mission Types

Is Limbo a Good Warframe for Defense?

Somewhat; Limbo is, from a casual standpoint, an excellent Warframe for Defense missions. Cataclysm and Stasis can easily prevent enemies from damaging a stationary objective, and Banish can keep Operative NPCs alive even more easily.

Unfortunately, however, the Cataclysm/Stasis combo will often result in enemies being rather spread out and thus more difficult to clear, making the mission take longer. A low-range build using the Narrow Minded mod can help to alleviate this problem, but you’ll still be lacking some way to quickly clear enemies in the area, and will have to depend on weapons to get the job done.

Furthermore, missions with Nullifiers can get quite hectic, as their bubble will destroy your Cataclysm immediately upon coming into contact with it, no matter how far they are from the center. Limbo builds with high range will struggle in higher level Corpus Defense missions because of this.

Overall, Limbo is a safe choice for Defense missions, especially with a low-range build, but may make the mission take longer than it otherwise would in exchange for making it easier to keep the objective alive.

Is Limbo a Good Warframe for Disruption?

Yes; Limbo can be effective for going deep into Disruption missions, which is quite useful since the rewards don’t rotate like in other endless mission types; past round 4, you can only ever get rewards from Tier B and C. Since you have the Rift, you can avoid confronting the hordes of increasingly deadly enemies, and just go after the Amalgams that come to blow up each conduit.

Unfortunately, however, Amalgams are unaffected by Stasis, so you’ll need to have powerful weaponry to take them out while they’re on the move. They also emit a nullifying pulse every few seconds that will take you out of the Rift, so you need to be sure that you’re ready to fight once you’re near them.

Also bear in mind that you’ll need to take out basic enemies to get conduit keys to drop, so you’ll not only need a good single-target weapon for the Amalgams, you’ll need an effective multi-target weapon as well. With those, however, Limbo is definitely on the high end of Disruption Warframes.

Overall, Limbo is a very good choice for long Disruption missions so long as you bring effective weaponry, but you can’t count on Stasis to help in dealing with Amalgams.

Is Limbo a Good Warframe for Excavation?

Yes; Limbo is one of the best picks for Excavation missions, able to prevent enemies from even having a chance to damage the excavators via Cataclysm and Stasis. Though he lacks any special tools for getting fuel cells to keep the excavators going, fuel carriers are generally obvious and weak enough that you can focus them down with basic weaponry.

One small issue is that Limbo likely needs to put himself in danger to pick up fuel cells, as you can’t pick them up while in the Rift unless the cell happened to fall inside of your Cataclysm bubble, which is unlikely given that fuel carriers will be frozen at the edge of the ever-shrinking bubble, thus likely dropping their cells just out of range. This can be worked around easily with Rolling Guard or Operator, however.

Due to the limit of one Cataclysm per Limbo, you’ll likely have difficult defending more than one excavator at a time. With enough ability range modded in, you may be able to cover two excavators at once with some lucky positioning, but it’s doubtful that they’ll both be covered for the entirety of the Cataclysm’s duration as it continually shrinks, necessitating an early recast of the ability.

Overall, Limbo is a very effective Excavation choice, offering greater protection for a single excavator than most other options. However, he will struggle to defense multiple excavators at once, and has no extra tools for acquiring fuel cells, though this is a minor problem.

Is Limbo a Good Warframe for Exterminate?

It depends; a Limbo build focused on range and strength can do well in lower-level Exterminate missions, as Cataclysm can do 1000+ damage to enemies over a huge area. Because enemies killed while in the Rift (or by the Cataclysm explosion itself) grant Limbo 10 energy, the ability can fuel itself, allowing you to spam it rather frequently.

However, the effectiveness of such a build falls off quickly as the missions get higher in level. You’ll likely have to change tactics before the star chart is finished, and Steel Path Exterminate missions are definitely off the table, with basic Grineer taking so little damage that their health bar doesn’t even move.

Outside of a Cataclysm-bombing build, Limbo doesn’t have much going for him in Exterminate unless you tend to have difficulty surviving. His abilities can make the mission very safe and uneventful, but it will take quite a bit of time to finish in this way.

Overall, certain Limbo builds can breeze through Exterminates under level 40 very, very quickly. Anything higher, however, will likely take too long to be worth the time.

Is Limbo a Good Warframe for Interception?

Yes; Limbo’s Cataclysm and Stasis can be highly effective for preventing enemies from accessing Interception consoles, but those consoles are often spread out too far for a low-range build to cover them. You’ll want to make sure that your range is high enough to keep both consoles well within the Cataclysm’s boundaries, which can be difficult to determine since the layout is different for each map. A larger Cataclysm will be more likely to cover both consoles, but will also open you up to headaches against Corpus or Corrupted if they send out Nullifiers.

Like with Excavation missions, you might be able to cover multiple objectives with a single Cataclysm. This is a more predictable option in Interception, however, as the consoles are not randomly positioned. Once you’ve learned the layout of a certain Interception mission node, you can decide ahead of time whether you want to use such a large Cataclysm or not. Again, this is likely a bad idea against Corpus or Corrupted due to Nullifiers.

Overall, Limbo is a good choice for Interception missions, likely able to keep a point locked down without actively watching it, so long as the build has enough ability range.

Is Limbo a Good Warframe for Mobile Defense?

Yes; unlike normal Defense, the mission progresses via a timer rather than through clearing waves of enemies, so Limbo’s lack of offensive tools isn’t an issue. And unlike Excavation, you only ever have one objective at a time. Limbo is so well-suited to Mobile Defense that he could be its mascot.

There’s really not much else to say on this mission type. Nullifiers can be an issue, as always, but it’s otherwise smooth sailing for Limbo.

Overall… Yes. Just very yes.

Is Limbo a Good Warframe for Rescue?

Yes; Banish can ensure that the hostage is kept safe on the way to extraction, and even Nullifiers can’t get in the way since their bubble won’t cancel out the Banish effect, even if both you and the hostage are inside of it at the same time.

As for the actual rescue process, getting past the wardens and unlocking the cells… Banish and Stasis can keep the wardens from triggering their consoles, but as soon as Stasis ends, they’ll be alerted and try to take out the hostage, and Banishment won’t keep them from being able to use the console. I’d advise trying to sneak around them instead. A Huras Kubrow or Shade Sentinel can make this much easier.

Overall, Limbo has an easy time escorting the hostage to safety, but doesn’t necessarily have an advantage in rescuing the hostage in the first place.

Is Limbo a Good Warframe for Sabotage?

Yes; Limbo has some very effective tools for Sabotage missions. Laser gates can be completely ignored while in the Rift, making most coolant rooms into a simple scenic stroll. If you reinsert the fuel cell, making your way to the blast door console and extraction is similarly simple. The pseudo-Defense objective from inserting coolant is also an easy task with Limbo due to Cataclysm and Stasis. Even though there are four defense targets, you only need one to survive.

Another major benefit to Limbo in Sabotage missions is in using a high-range build. When using Cataclysm while you aren’t in the Rift, the explosion will break any loot containers in the area of effect, allowing you to quickly narrow down possible Resource Cache locations. This isn’t a required objective for Sabotage missions, but the rewards from finding all three can be quite nice. Hive missions (basically a modified Sabotage mission) have the valuable High Voltage and Shell Shock mods as possible rewards for finding all three caches. In my experience, Limbo has been the best option for clearing this particular mission as quickly as possible.

Overall, Limbo is an excellent choice for Sabotage missions, with effective tools for every step in the mission.

Is Limbo a Good Warframe for Spy?

Yes; Limbo has a unique advantage in Spy missions, in that entities in the Rift don’t trigger laser gates. Given that this is one of the primary traps in Spy vaults, you can traverse them very quickly.

What Limbo lacks, however, is stealth; Corpus cameras and Grineer drones can still see you and trigger the alarms. Thankfully, this can be handled with a Huras Kubrow or the Untraceable Parazon mod, allowing for Limbo to beeline for the console and clear Spy vaults faster than any other Warframe except, perhaps, Ivara or Wukong.

Overall, Limbo is an amazing choice for Spy missions, especially when using a Huras Kubrow or Untraceable.

Is Limbo a Good Warframe for Survival?

Debatable; though survival (the concept) is Limbo’s jam, Survival (the game mode) isn’t so much. Limbo can certainly stay alive against the waves of enemies, but he lacks a way to keep the life support capsules dropping. A range/strength build can work well for lower-level Survival missions at the beginning, but as the enemy levels scale up, Limbo’s Cataclysm bombs quickly lose effectiveness.

However, for the Kuva Survival game mode in particular, Limbo’s defensive abilities can be a great asset. You’ll still need a way to take out enemies quickly, and Cataclysm isn’t going to fit the bill, but Limbo can be a helpful teammate for tackling the game mode in a squad.

Overall, Limbo is an okay choice for early low-level Survival missions, but quickly becomes less useful as the mission progresses.

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