Is Rhino a Good Warframe?


Rhino is largely a vehicle for your selected weaponry… And that vehicle is a freakin’ Panzer. Rhino’s abilities aren’t terribly interesting compared to other Warframes, but what they lack in flashiness is made up for in simple effectiveness.

Rhino’s Iron Skin provides tremendous durability with little maintenance required, and Roar gives a large boost to the offensive capabilities of Rhino and his allies. He excels in any situation where special tricks are unnecessary, outclassing most other Warframes in straight combat situations.

Special Mission Types

Is Rhino a Good Warframe for Elite Sanctuary Onslaught?

Not really; Rhino’s Roar allows him to greatly increase the damage of his allies and his own weaponry. If your weapons hit enemies over a large area, he can be decently effective, but Warframes with area-of-effect abilities built in will generally perform better.

As for the boost he provides to allies, it can be helpful, but generally not necessary. Most nuke-frames you come across are going to have already built themselves in such a way that they can handle enemies up to stage 8, though I’ll admit that my Volt build could use some Rhino support in the last couple stages.

Roar can actually be a detriment when paired with Saryn, as her Spores won’t spread to new enemies if they die to the damage-over-time. Given Saryn’s popularity as an ESO frame, this comes up a lot more frequently than you may think.

Overall, Rhino can work in a pinch, but there are much better options, and haphazard play can cause problems for the team if a Saryn is present.

Is Rhino a Good Warframe for The Index?

Yes; Iron Skin makes Rhino an exceptional choice for The Index, as he can stockpile a large quantity of points to take advantage of the bonus point mechanic. However, energy can be an issue in keeping Iron Skin active, so Ability Efficiency mods are important.

By default, Iron Skin costs 50 energy to cast, which is the same amount restored by the energy orbs available through the map. However, because of the Financial Stress debuff, your energy will drain steadily. If you have no Ability Efficiency, the window for activating Iron Skin is very small, and you have a high likelihood of missing your chance to activate it. With some Ability Efficiency, you can ensure that one energy orb is enough to fuel the ability.

Overall, Rhino is very good for The Index, but you may need to make minor changes to your build to make it work.

Is Rhino a Good Warframe for Eidolon Hunts?

Yes; because Warframe abilities don’t affect the Eidolon, it falls to weapons to deal damage, and Rhino’s Roar can more than double the weapon damage of Rhino and his allies. Furthermore, Iron Skin prevents the magnetic status effect from the Eidolon’s screams.

Roar isn’t quite as potent as some other options, such as Chroma’s Vex Armor in particular, but it is still a substantial boost, and it will stack with other Warframes’ damage boosts to bring about absolutely massive damage numbers that will ensure a speedy Eidolon hunt, whether it’s you or an ally doing the bulk of the damage.

In addition, Roar is far easier to make use of than other damage boosts; Chroma’s Vex Armor requires taking damage, Volt’s Electric Shield demands proper positioning, and Mirage’s Eclipse needs a lit area to be effective. Roar is simply cast and forget, allowing less-organized teams to still make good headway.

To add to the ease-of-use, Iron Skin will do what it always does; keep Rhino alive with little effort, and completely negate the magnetic scream that brings frustration for so many other Warframes.

Overall, Rhino isn’t the best Warframe for Eidolon hunts, but his tools are still plenty effective, and he takes a lot less effort than most other choices.

Core Mission Types

Is Rhino a Good Warframe for Defense?

No; Rhino lacks any specialized tools for Defense missions. Though he can handle enemy waves well enough, it takes some time due to his reliance on weapons for dealing damage. And despite his own durability, he has no way to passively defend an objective short of body-blocking, which is far from optimal.

However, Roar can help nuke-frame allies to clear each wave more quickly, making him a decent ally even if he’s not exactly suited to the mission type. Unlike with Sanctuary Onslaught, it’s unlikely that Roar will cause problems for a Saryn player, as their Spore buildup will stop between each wave, anyway.

Additionally, though Rhino lacks a long-term ability for keeping the objective safe, he does have Rhino Stomp to halt enemy activity if you notice that the objective’s health is starting to fall. This is an expensive ability, however, making it difficult to rely upon as a consistent defensive measure.

Overall, Rhino brings fairly little to a Defense mission, and you’re likely better off choosing another Warframe.

Is Rhino a Good Warframe for Disruption?

Yes; Rhino is very well-suited to Disruption. Iron Skin gives him the durability to last into later rounds, Roar gives him the damage output to dispatch Amalgams quickly, and Rhino Stomp can freeze Amalgams for a few seconds if they get too close to a conduit.

One thing to watch out for, however, is the nullifying wave that Amalgams periodically emit; this will remove your Iron Skin and Roar, and prevent the use of Rhino Stomp for a brief moment that could be the difference between success and failure. I recommend you opt for your ranged weaponry unless it falls far behind your melee weapon’s damage output.

Overall, Rhino is an excellent Disruption Warframe. Just keep your distance from the Amalgams.

Is Rhino a Good Warframe for Excavation?

No; Rhino’s only real tools for handling Excavation missions are his expensive Rhino Stomp skill, and his above-average weapon offense. Unfortunately, these are inadequate for giving him any noticeable edge in Excavation missions.

That said, Excavation missions can largely be handled by proactive enemy elimination, so Rhino isn’t necessarily bad at Excavation; he just lacks abilities that give him a real edge over the competition. Since the excavator timers tick down at a consistent rate (so long as you can gather power cells), the main bottleneck for Excavation effectiveness isn’t focused on Warframe abilities. Rhino has a more difficult time protecting the excavators than frames like Limbo or Frost, but he won’t slow the mission down.

Overall, Rhino works well enough for Excavation, but there are better choices.

Is Rhino a Good Warframe for Exterminate?

Somewhat; speedy Exterminate missions depend upon powerful area-of-effect abilities, which Rhino unfortunately lacks. His Roar can help your weapons to more quickly clear out enemies, but that still depends on actually hitting those enemies, which puts weapons (and thus Rhino) at an inherent disadvantage.

At much higher levels, particularly Steel Path, abilities begin to lose steam and are overtaken by weapons. Rhino’s Roar makes his weaponry especially effective, thus giving him the edge in this particular circumstance. Since Roar also boosts the power of allied Warframe abilities, it can help them to handle Exterminates a bit higher than they would otherwise be able to.

However, enemy health and armor scales at such a steep curve that Steel Path will still likely be too much for abilities to handle, so the boost to weapon damage will be the more valuable component of Roar.

Overall, Rhino falls short in lower-level Exterminate missions, but is a good choice for Steel Path Exterminates.

Is Rhino a Good Warframe for Interception?

Somewhat; since Rhino doesn’t have any abilities that remotely control an area, Interception missions will require quick movement to keep all four points under control. However, Rhino does have a decent advantage in that Rhino Charge and Rhino Stomp can quickly get enemies off of the console.

Rhino Charge is the cheap method for stopping a hack, but requires getting into melee range to make use of it. When rushing to a point from the other side of the map, this close range requirement can add enough time to the trip that the hack may be complete by the time you’re in position.

Rhino Stomp is highly effective for stopping hacks, as it has high range and doesn’t require line of sight to affect enemies. However, the steep energy cost paired with Rhino’s low base energy can make it difficult to have this option available when you need it.

Rhino Charge might seem like a good way to get from point to point quickly, but in my testing, it’s no faster than effective parkour unless you use mods to improve the ability (Natural Talent, Speed Drift, or ability range mods). Given that these mods don’t bring much to Rhino aside from an improved Rhino Charge, I personally wouldn’t go down that road; I like more bang for by buck.

Another potential issue on moving between points is that the basic Rhino Warframe has a lower sprint speed than normal, moving 95% as fast as most other Warframes. This isn’t much of a difference, but it’s just one more little bit to consider. If you have Rhino Prime, this can be disregarded, as Rhino Prime does not have a reduced sprint speed.

Overall, Rhino has some decent tools for handling Interception, but will need to take a more active approach than better-suited Warframes.

Is Rhino a Good Warframe for Mobile Defense?

Somewhat; though Rhino lacks any tools specialized in defending objectives aside from the expensive Rhino Stomp ability, proactive enemy elimination can suffice for clearing the mission without issue. Roar will help Rhino and his allies perform this task more quickly, preventing the objective from ever being in real danger.

Rhino Charge can knock stronger enemies away from the objective, as well, though it’s unlikely that such a tactic will be needed considering the firepower at your disposal.

Overall, Rhino can handle Mobile Defense missions using an “offense is the best defense” strategy, but the mission won’t be as easy as with a defensive Warframe.

Is Rhino a Good Warframe for Rescue?

Not really; Rhino Charge and Rhino Stomp can stop wardens from activating their consoles, but if only one Warden must be stopped, Stomp is likely to alert the others and create a bigger problem. With no stealth and no protective ally buffs, Rhino is a poor choice for Rescue.

Roar might help with taking out wardens quickly, but with an effective weapon, the extra damage generally won’t be necessary in regular Rescue missions. It can help in Steel Path Corpus Rescues, but against Grineer, Roar likely won’t give enough of a damage boost, unless you’re using an exceptionally powerful rapid-fire Corrosive weapon. Grineer Wardens have a truly massive amount of armor, encouraging melee finishers over using ranged weaponry.

Overall, Rhino is a poor choice for Rescue, lacking tools for any aspect of the mission aside from the niche of Corpus Warden eradication in Steel Path specifically.

Is Rhino a Good Warframe for Sabotage?

No; Iron Skin lets Rhino run through laser barriers without tripping, and that’s about it. His abilities otherwise don’t do much to help with clearing the coolant rooms, reaching the lockdown console, or defending the tubes or reactor console.

One small advantage that Rhino possesses is the fact that Iron Skin prevents status effects, thus nullifying the magnetic orbs that appear when triggering a meltdown in Corpus Sabotage or putting the fuel cell in a coolant slot in Grineer Sabotage. This makes getting to extraction an easier task, though it’s not exactly difficult to begin with.

Overall, Rhino doesn’t have anything to give him a leg up over other Warframes in Sabotage.

Is Rhino a Good Warframe for Spy?

Debatable; Rhino’s lack of stealth makes Spy missions a bit harder than it would be for other Warframes. However, he’s not as ill-suited as you might think; Grineer camera drones are deactivated temporarily when hit with Rhino Stomp, giving you time to pass or destroy them without triggering data deletion.

When using Rhino Stomp on camera drones, they will be stunned for the duration listed on the skill itself at the bottom right of the screen. Since this duration is somewhat low without mods, be careful that it doesn’t run out while you’re attacking or in the drone’s line of sight. You can damage the drones during this time without consequence; so long as you aren’t actively attacking the drone when Rhino Stomp ends, they won’t trigger the alarms from the damage they’ve received.

Also, you don’t need to worry about the camera beams they emit during Rhino Stomp’s effect; though their appearance doesn’t change, they are inactive, and you can walk right through without trouble.

A less-useful benefit of Rhino is that Iron Skin prevents the knockdown of Corpus laser barriers, and the magnetic status effect of Grineer wiggly-laser barriers. Note that this does not prevent the data deletion sequence from occurring when passing through those barriers; the status immunity of Iron Skin is only useful for rushing to the console if you’ve already triggered something else in the vault.

Overall, Rhino does have surprising tools in his arsenal to help with Spy missions, but still isn’t the best choice for such endeavors.

Is Rhino a Good Warframe for Survival?

Yes; when going deep into Survival missions, where enemy damage and durability get much higher than in regular missions, Rhino is quite effective. Iron Skin helps survive the onslaught, Roar keeps the life support capsules rolling in, and Rhino Stomp gives your squad breathing room when large groups of enemies appear.

While nuke abilities are more effective for life support than weapons, you’ll generally get enough to stay topped off if you play smart (don’t spread out the party, don’t roam the map too much, etc.). Roar helps to keep your weapons effective for longer than they otherwise would be, letting you stay in the mission longer. This can be useful in Void Fissure Survivals, where every five minutes grants the squad an increasing boost to drop rates or affinity gain.

Overall, Rhino is a solid choice for Survival missions, particularly when staying in the mission for an extended period of time.

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