How to Add a Sub-Menu to Your Expression Wheel

A friend recently asked in VRChat how to add extra menus in your expression wheel. As I began to rattle off the steps, they stopped me and said, basically, to show and not tell. So, here’s the show!

This guide assumes you’ve already got the basics of avatar creation figured out; your main expressions menu, and the parameters list that your avatar uses. Hopefully, the screen below will already be mostly familiar.

To start, you want to right-click your file area (the box that has Main Menu and Parameters in the screenshot above, with Main Menu highlighted). Select Create > VRChat > Avatars > Expressions Menu.

You can name the newly created menu as whatever you want; focus on whatever makes it easiest for you to keep track of what it is, as the name won’t show up in VRChat itself.

Adding features on the submenu works just the same as adding them to your main menu. Just set the control type (Button, Toggle, etc.), choose the parameter that it controls, and so on. Nothing needs to be set up in the submenu itself to make it work as a submenu; just treat it as though it were your main menu.

What makes this a submenu is what you add to the main menu. On the main menu, click the Add Control button.

Set the Name to whatever you want it to appear as in-game. Try to keep it fairly short, since it can be hard to read if the game needs to shove a lot of text into such a small area.

Under the Type dropdown menu, set it to Sub Menu.

From here, you’ll have Parameter and Sub Menu as two different fields to fill in. The Parameter field does not have to have anything added, but it could be useful for certain things. When the Submenu is accessed, the parameter will be triggered as though it was a Button type control. You might want to use this for something such as a camera drone, turning on a remote control mode when you bring up the menu. Generally speaking, though, you’ll just want to leave the Parameter field empty.

What you’re really after here is the Sub Menu field. Click on the dot to the right of the field to bring up a list of the available VRChat Expressions Menus in your project.

I have… A lot of submenus. Sorry for the clutter.

Select the menu you just created from the list of available menus, and you’re good to go! In-game, you can now select that menu from the expression wheel to bring up all the options you put into its control list. There will also be a “back” arrow at the top of the wheel that will bring you back to the previous menu.

If you so desire, you can add another submenu into the submenu you’ve already created using the same steps. This can be useful for something like a long list of dance animations or facial expressions.

Happy avatar building!

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